The MPF Program provides free, on-demand learning resources for our members. Some MPF webinars are recorded and made available on-demand. While we try to post only the most recent offerings, some of the information in these presentations may have changed since recording. Always consult the MPF Guides for the most current information about MPF products and procedures.


MPF Traditional Product Eligibility and Underwriting (NEW)
Focus on Credit and Liabilities (NEW)
The Basics of Title Insurance (NEW)
MPF Government MBS Default Servicing Audit Findings and Reminders
MPF Xtra® Product Eligibility and Underwriting
Completing a COVID-19 Payment Deferral Plan for MPF Traditional (Conventional) Products
Condominium Project Eligibility
The Custody Process for the MPF Traditional and MPF Xtra Products
Default Reporting Overview and Troubleshooting
MPF Traditional Investor Reporting Overview
Construction to Permanent Loans
Introduction to eMAQCS Plus
MPF Traditional: Servicing Released to CMC Funding
Updates to Minimum PFI Credit Enhancement Obligation
MPF Xtra® Investment Properties

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