The Mortgage Partnership Finance (MPF) Program values the high-quality performance of the mortgages delivered by PFIs under its various mortgage products. In its ongoing commitment to support your efforts to produce high-quality mortgages, the MPF Quality Control (QC) team introduced a Web-based QC system, eMAQCS (Mortgage Analytics Quality Control System). This platform features several features that streamline the entire QC process and increase your efficiency.

A few benefits of using eMAQCS include:

  • Boost Efficiency: Easy-to-use web interface to track, receive and remediate quality control results.
  • Reduce Expenses: Elimination of shipping expenses for the overnight delivery of loan files. Opportunity of traceable electronic delivery of loan files.
  • Increase Security: Documents are hosted at a Tier 4 Data Center with enterprise-level security. Secure, cloud-based platform with geographically dispersed disaster recovery procedures.

To obtain eMAQCS system login credentials, please email a request to the MPF QC team at MPFInvestorDirectQC@fhlbc.com. In your request, please provide the following information:

  1. PFI Name/ PFI Number
  2. Main contact name and phone number
  3. User’s full name and work email address

*If you will have more than one employee uploading documentation, please list all employees requiring login credentials.